Grote Kleppe - 28 people

The Grote Kleppe (Big Kleppe) is our largest residence and provides accommodation for large groups up to 28 persons. It provides:

  • 28 single beds
  • 13 bedrooms, six of which for 1 person, two for 2 persons, three for 3 persons and two for 4 persons
  • a washbasin in each room
  • a private shower in eight rooms
  • four shared showers
  • an industrial warm and cold kitchen
  • a Snoezel room (shared with the “Kleine Kleppe”) - The term “snoezelen” (pronounced like “SNOOzelen”) is a neologism formed from the Dutch “snuffelen” (to sniff, to snuffle) and “doezelen” (to doze, to snooze)
  • a time-out room (shared with the “Kleine Kleppe”)
  • a large living space with dining-room
  • a beamer for videos and presentations

Grote Kleppe

For more detailed information about lay-out: see basic plan of rooms and common spaces.


Have a look at our price list and availability for your preferred period.

For more persons?

Do you want an accommodation for more persons? The combination of the Grote Kleppe, the Kleine Kleppe and the Mini-Kleppes (for 6 and 8 persons) provides accommodation for groups up to 57 persons.

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